Frequently asked questions

About the works and artists

How can we buy?

If you wish to buy a work from the catalogue on our website please contact us by email: or fill out the following form. For your information, payment by credit card is not possible.

How did you choose the artworks on sale?

Each year, a number of artists ( turkish and international), from different media backgrounds, are selected by the PDA organising committee. A central theme around which the exhibition is based acts as a source of inspiration for the participating artists. This year the theme is "Istanbul, city of contrasts' '. Once the artist’s collection is ready, they choose which works are to be exhibited (with some general input from the PDA team).

Are the works available as prints?

All works presented are original artworks only. None are reproduced or published beyond the number of editions indicated on the website (as in the case of photography).

Do the images on the website accurately reflect the artworks on exhibit?

All photos presenting the various artworks on exhibit are taken by a professional photographer and reflect a true impression of the work presented. However, it is strongly recommended to visit the gallery to gain a true appreciation of the work on display. To do so, please make an appointment by clicking here (link)

When may I collect my artwork?

You may also arrange a date for collection at the time of purchase. Please contact the PDA team:

How are the works packaged?

Sold works are prepared for collection on-site, using a strong bubble wrap.

Is a certificate of authenticity issued with the work?

All works for sale are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. In addition, all limited series editions (photography) are also numbered and signed by the artist.

Are all the works framed?

No. It depends on the work. Most of the works on canvas are not framed. Sometimes the artist includes a frame. In this case, the work is indicated as framed, and the frame being an integral part of the work, the cost is included in the price displayed. For photos, the PDA also offers additional framing options at an extra cost. The prices with/without frame are indicated on the artist’s page.

I have questions about an artwork, who can I contact?

Q I have questions about an artwork, who can I contact? Need more information, advice or an opinion on a work? Send us a message:, we will be happy to assist you!


Can I recommend an artist for the next edition of the PDA?

Yes of course ! Do not hesitate to send us an email at or fill out this form. You are an Artist? Do not hesitate to apply via this page. We are reviewing all applications!

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